The father you see in this video is Mike Martin. He blogs and posts YouTube prank videos that have been viewed millions of times, but this time he's gone too far and thousands of angry viewers have let him know.

This Damascus, Maryland couple pranked one of their kids, a boy named Cody, by pouring invisible ink on his bedroom carpeting and then screaming profanities at him.

This week, the family issued an apology: "We deeply apologize for your feelings of concern.We do not condone child abuse in any way, shape or form.We are a loving close-knit family."

Personally, I have no idea how they could thought this was funny or a good idea. I'm all for having fun but this seems incredibly destructive and harmful to a young child when it comes to trust moving forward.

I guess we all live and learn and I hesitate judging others but this time, I was thinking something's not right here. How about you?

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