A Guy Got Stuck in an Elevator with an Old Woman . . . and Got on All Fours So She Could Use Him as a Bench

There's a moving service based in Florida called College HUNKS, where students show up and move your stuff or haul off your old junk.  The "HUNKS" part stands for "Honest, Uniformed, Nice, Knowledgeable Students."


And you'll understand why that matters in a second.  Because a 23-year-old student named Cesar Larios works at one of their locations in Tampa.  And he recently got stuck in an elevator while he was moving stuff at an assisted living facility.


Now, Cesar was in the elevator with several other people when it got stuck, including an elderly woman with a walker.  And after a few minutes, she mentioned that she's not able to stand for extended periods of time.


So Cesar got down on his hands and knees . . . and offered to let her use him as a HUMAN BENCH.  Which she did for about 30 MINUTES until the elevator started moving again.


One of Cesar's co-workers snapped a photo of it, which the company's CEO Nick Friedman posted online.


According to the company's website, its employees strive to, quote, "make the world a better place" while they're moving people's stuff.  And Nick says what Cesar did is a perfect example.