25 Things You Don't Know About Luke Bryan


We've seen him host six spring break parties . . . and co-host the ACMs twice.  And now, LUKE BRYAN has decided to do one of those "Us Weekly's" 25 Things You Don't Know About Me articles.  Here are our eight favorites . . .


"I make the best cup of coffee on my tour."


"My wife [Caroline] and I were college sweethearts."


"I play piano by ear."


"'What I'd Say' by EARL THOMAS CONLEY is my all-time top country song."


"When I first moved to Nashville, I waited tables.  That lasted three days."


"In second grade, I got hit by a car."


"My dad, Tommy, is a peanut farmer."


"I've had stitches three times.  All three times were on my face."