If you are a dog lover like me it's important to know what snacks are good and bad for your dog. I found this great list/article from Leo Wilson founder of CyberPet.

Group 1 – Sure: Healthy Human Food Choices for Your Pup


Berries make a great snack for your dog. Blueberries especially are packed with antioxidants that reduce inflammation and help the body heal as well as vitamins like vitamin K and C.

Best of all, these bite-sized snacks are lower in sugar than most fruits and are 85% water, making them a great choice foroverweight dogs. And, because of their size, they are excellent for training rewards and even to use in treat and puzzle toys!


Apples are another great food for your dog. They contain a ton of fiber and have a sweet taste that dogs go crazy for.

Like blueberries, these fruits also contain a lot of water, but they are higher in sugar, so feed these more sparingly. And always make sure to remove the seeds and stems before giving the apple to your dog.

You can evendry apple slicesin a dehydrator or on low heat in the oven for a tasty snack with an interesting texture that’s easier to transport and keeps much longer than fresh apples.


Carrots are another great human food for dogs. These veggies are packed with vitamins like vitamin k and beta carotene and contain fiber and antioxidants.

They are higher in sugar than many vegetables but their hard structure means your dog will have to eat them more slowly than a lot of other human foods. That crunchy, fibrous structure also makes carrots useful in scrubbing your dog’s teeth and promoting dental health.

Feed carrots whole or cut down into long sticks appropriate for your dog’s size.


One of the best people food for dogs is eggs. Your dog’s system was built to utilize the protein and fats found in animal foods, and eggs are no exception.

Eggs are packed with protein and energizing fats as well as vitamins and minerals.

The best way to prepare them for your pet is to cook them scrambled and use them as soft treats during training or add them to your dog’s normal meal. If you feed a home prepared diet or just want to give your kibble a boost, you can evengrind up eggshells to add calciumto your dog’s diet.

Have a look at the entire article here including bad snacks - https://www.cyberpet.com/human-food-for-dog/



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