Restaurant Threatens To Throw Out Screaming Children And Their Family

A woman who was recently visiting a Mediterranean restaurant in Llandudno, North Wales was shocked to see what was printed on the menu. It was a set of rules that applied to children who dined at the restaurant. 

According to the woman, the rigorous rules for youth diners were quite specific on the menu. “Children must be seated at all time[s], not left to run around the restaurant,” the note began, as the restaurant can be a "very dangerous place" with the staff carrying hot plates. “We will not be held responsible for your children if they are hurt in the restaurant because they are not being looked after,” it continued. “Children are the sole responsibility of their guardian whilst in our restaurant.”

They also said that kids must be accompanied to the restroom and that they, “love children in the restaurant,” but kids who are “crying or screaming” can create a tense, stressful atmosphere for other diners.

If you are unable to control your child, the restaurant says they will have no choice but to ask you to leave the restaurant. 

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