Rodney Atkins Premieres 'Thank God For You' Music Video

Today, Rodney Atkins is premiering the brand-new music video for his current single “Thank God For You.” The video features a young Rodney played by Atkins’ oldest son, Elijah, who is making his return to his Dad’s music videos following his debut role in “Watching You.” Young Rodney meets and falls in love with a young girl as the video fast forwards to present day Rodney and his wife, Rose.

Atkins' says, It’s crazy how much a song can seem like I wrote it, but I didn’t. This one immediately hit me as a song for the fans, my supporters, everybody that’s had an impact on my life—this song is for them. When it came to making the video for “Thank God For You,” Rodney said it was so much fun. "Seeing Eli play a young “me” made it so special. I love that this song is specifically for the 3 F’s... family, friends and fans."

"Thank God For You" is the second single off Atkins’ fifth studio album, Caught Up in the Country. It's and album that reveals an artist who is confident enough to know that making your best music can require patience and experimentation.

The songs on Caught Up in the Country date as far back as 2013, when Atkins started with “All My Friends Are Drunk” (an “anti-party party song,” he calls it). “As I worked on that, I started writing, and you sort of get an idea of what you’re looking for,” he says. “It starts defining itself, the picture you’re trying to build. So you ask yourself if you’re covering the gamut of how this whole body of work will make somebody feel. With an album, you’re building a house, not just trying to build a back porch.”

That same year, Atkins married singer Rose Falcon, a relationship that determined much of the music’s direction. “She just encouraged me on so many different levels,” he says. “I really fell back in love with singing, and she was so important to that. I remember we had a meeting with the label, and I’d written a song called ‘So Good,’ and they said ‘You’ve been successful at making a song sound like a hit, but I don’t know if people really know what you’re capable of.’ Just being vulnerable—the biggest impact Rose has had is just me putting myself out there.”

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