*LIST* What Celebs Order At McDonald’s

People jokingly say “Celebrities, they’re just like us,” but it’s rarely true. But there is one big equalizer and it’s the drive-thru at McDonald’s. Even when folks get rich and famous, it’s hard to resist the desire for an ice cold Coke and some McDonald’s fries. And when celebs head to Mickey D’s here’s what they order:

David Beckham - Last year when he was spotted at a Mickey D’s across the pond in the U.K., Beckham’s server revealed that he ordered a Big Mac meal with two cheeseburgers.

Mindy Kaling - The actress has shared her love of McDonald’s on social media so much that they even passed out goodie bags of Happy Meals and Shamrock Shakes at the wrap party for “The Mindy Show.”

Heidi Klum - The supermodel has posted a pic or two showing her love for McDonald’s, like after the AMA’s in 2012 when she tweeted a snap with a Double Cheeseburger in hand

.Jennifer Lawrence - Back in 2013, the star revealed her love of McDonald’s during a red carpet interview with MTV, explaining that she had just ordered the fast food because she was starving at the Oscars. She reminded viewers to ask for the ketchup because they never include it with the fries and warned, “Never the McNuggets.”

Donald Trump - The President is known for his love of fast food and according to Trump’s former campaign manager Corey Lewandowskiand

 David Bossie, Trump’s regular order at McDonald’s was “two Big Macs, two Filet-O-Fish, and a chocolate malted.”

Kim Kardashian West - In a blog post featured by McDonald’s, Kimmy K shares that her go-to order is a small order of fries, and she either gets chicken McNuggets with honey or a cheeseburger with chicken nuggets to eat half of each. And as for her husband ...K

anye West - The rapper is a fan of the golden arches and even wrote an exclusive McDonald’s song.

Source: Wide Open Eats



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