The Skittles Manicure Is Taking Over Social Media

When it comes to fashion and beauty trends, social media has really become the place to keep you up to date. You might see on your news feeds a brand new nail polish trend that's taking over. It involves a delicious candy. 

Social media is filled with pictures that show off the newest trend from manicurists. It's been dubbed "The Skittles Manicure." The trend involves making sure each of your nails is painted a different color. Much like what you would see in a bag of Skittles. 

While most people tend to stick to the same shade on all their nails, social media shows us that some people are mixing and matching their colors. Those that are going with the rainbow-like assortment say it's really easy to do yourself and takes the pressure off trying to find a color when getting a manicure. 

See for yourself:

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