Ugly Pumpkins Are The Latest Halloween Craze

While a lot of people head to a pumpkin patch this time of year to get the perfect pumpkin for their Halloween decor, it seems a lot of people are passing up on perfection this year.

Apparently ugly gourds and warty pumpkins are all the rage this holiday season, with many folks showing off their imperfect finds, many with what looks like bulbous tumors, using the hashtag #wartypumpkin.

“Everyone wants the weird stuff,”Tim Stanton,who runs Stanton’s Feura Farm in upstate New York tells the “New York Post.” Tim’s farm has 21 varieties of bizarre fall fruit, including a basketball-sized gourd called “red warty thing.” He notes, “it’s probably not politically correct, but the actual name of it is lunch lady, and it is the ugliest gourd you’ve ever seen in your life.”

But the ugliness seems to be what’s drawing people in. As bartenderCourtney Smith shares, the warts make them look “very Haloweeny.” She adds, “It looks like they were just dumped in a cauldron, which I think is cool.”

Source:New York Post

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