Peeps & Crocs team up for Easter

ome people love wearing Crocs. Not everybody, but some. Some people like eating Peeps. Not everybody, but some. So . . . is there enough overlap in the two fanbases to support THIS?

Just in time for spring and Easter, Peeps and Crocs have teamed up to make some INSANE looking mash-up clogs.They're Crocs in bright blue, yellow, or pink . . . and they have three Peeps chicks sticking out of the top of the shoe like triceratops horns.

If you're interested, you can get them on theCrocs website. They'll run you $50 foradults. . . or $40 for kids.

This is Crocs' second line of special-edition shoes with a food brand this year. Last monththey created a line with KFC that were chicken scented and had plastic drumsticks on top. 

(The Takeout

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