Women Reveal Their Man’s Gross Personal Hygiene Habits

No matter how much we might love somebody, there are always going to be some things that bother us about them, and for some women, that thing is their man’s personal hygiene. 

Well, now some of those women are spilling the beans on their men’s gross habits on the anonymous Whisper app, and it may just leave you wondering what they see in them.

Men’s bad personal hygiene habits include:

  • “My boyfriend clips his nails and doesn’t even do it over the trash can. He does it out in the open and they get all over the place. So gross.”
  • “It embarrasses me that you can see my boyfriend’s earwax just by standing next to him. He needs to keep that under control.”
  • “I discovered my husband has skid marks in his underwear. He claims it’s because he ‘scratches too hard.’ I think it’s because he doesn’t wipe well enough.”
  • “My boyfriend has a really weird thing where he eats his ear wax. He doesn’t know I know he does this.”
  • “My boyfriend never washes his face ad has huge blackheads and zits. I bought him face scrub, but he’s not taking the hint.”
  • “Today my boyfriend revealed he only showers once a week. I kinda want to dump him now.”
  • “My boyfriend has such bad b.o. that it literally makes my sheets stink.”
  • “I was cuddling with my boyfriend on the couch and hen he just grabbed my hair to floss his teeth. I am so grossed out.” 


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