***LIST*** Miranda Lambert Reveals The Names Of Her Chickens

Miranda Lambertis mom to 14 chickens, and it seems she got creative when it came time to name them. 

The singer introduced her flock on TikTok, calling them the residents of “Coop DeVille,” with each chicken named after a famous singer, including Donna Henley (afterDon Henley), MarHen Morris (MarenMorris), Martina McFried (Martina McBride) and Chick Jagger (MickJagger).

Other names include Tanya Clucker (Tanya Tucker), Willie Nelshen (Willie Nelson), Pearl Haggard (Merle Haggard), Dolly Part-Hen (Dolly Parton), Hennifer Lopez (Jennifer Lopez), Chrishen Stapleton (Chris Stapleton) and more.

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