No Corkscrew? Six Other Ways To Open A Wine Bottle - JB

In a perfect world, you’ll always have a corkscrew handy every time you want to open a bottle of wine. This world ain’t perfect, though, and sometimes you’ve got to improvise. That’s when these six alternatives will come in handy.

  • Shoe/Boot –You just need a shoe with cushioning, a sturdy, flat, vertical surface, and a gentle touch. Put the bottle top horizontally on the cushion and tap like you’re hammering a nail. It takes patience with little aggression, but it works.
  • Ballpoint Pen –Simply “whittle away at the cork” and then strain the wine through a clean t-shirt. It’s not fancy, but it does the trick.
  • Tweezers –After the extraction, your tweezers will likely be history, but you’ll get to enjoy the wine…so you win.
  • Long Screw/Hammer –Take a really long screw and turn it into the cork. Then, use the claw end of the hammer like you would a corkscrew.
  • Bicycle Pump –Shove the inflating needle all the way through and start your pumping. When the cork edges halfway out, give or take, pull it out. Done!
  • Hot Fireplace Tongs/Snow –Save this for when you’re in a winter pinch. Heat the tongs in the fire until they’re red hot and then grab the bottle by the neck with them. Take the bottle outside and pack snow around the neck. The bottle will crack evenly. From there, strain it through a funnel just in case of a stray glass shard.