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This week on Great Gadgets & Gifts i want to talk Water Bottles. I have a bad habit of never drinking enough water. When i do i have container full of empty plastic bottles. While they are easy to use, they never seem to stay cool enough long enough for me. That changed when i came across Path REFILLABLE bottled water.

Path Refillable Bottled Water
Pathwater is a future-thinking brand whose 100% recyclable and infinitely refillable and reusable aluminum bottles are making their plastic counterparts obsolete. They were easy to store. I have a few in the fridge for family use or in case guests pop over. A few reasons i dig the Pathwater bottles, they are 100% recyclable. They are lightweight but still durable. So i can use in the studio or traveling. I have been using them to sit out on the patio as Summer gets started and it keeps those drinks nice and gold. They are very easy to refill and reuse and they are Made In The USA! Look for them where you buy bottled water and check out all 3 varieties-
oStill - pure reverse osmosis filtered water
oSparkling - delicately carbonated with added electrolytes 
oAlkaline - pH of 9.5+ with specialty electrolytes
Make the switch and get on the path to ending single-use plastic pollution with PATH.
Individual 20oz and 25oz bottles are all under $3. Starting at $19.99 for a 9 pack - Learn more at
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Pathwater comes in 3 varieties