Mother In Law Decides To Wear White To Wedding

Choosing the right outfit to wear to a wedding is never easy, but there’s at least one thing most folks know, and that is not to wear white (so the bride isn't upstaged). Well, apparently one mother-in-law didn’t get the message, and a bride has asked the public for their help on how to handle it. 

The bride in question took to the online forum Mumsnet, asking what she should do about her soon-to-be mother-in-law who informed her she planned to wear off-white on the big day. “I'm trying really hard not to take it personally and as a fingers up to me (although this is something she would do),” the bride writes. “She always wants to be the center of attention and plays the victim.”

The bride wondered if she was “being unreasonable” with her complaints, and while a lot of folks were sympathetic to the situation, and some said she should confront her MIL-to-be “straight out,” many suggested she just suck it up in order to keep the peace. 

“Leave her to it, smile and ignore comments about dress and let her look a fool on the day,” one person wrote. “Nobody's going to confuse her with the bride, nobody's going to say 'ooh you look like sisters' so let her act the goat.” Another noted that it sounded like the MIL was “challenging” her, and added, “Don't bother. Maybe if she doesn't get the reaction she wants she will quietly change her mind.”And then there were the people who just didn’t understand why people make such a big deal about folks wearing white to a wedding. “I disagree with practically everyone, I just don't get the issue with wearing white,” one person shared. “It's a summer wedding and as long as it doesn't look like a wedding dress, I don't get the issue.”Still others suggested getting some revenge on the MIL, like asking the photographer to put her in the back of pictures because there shouldn’t be so much white in the front, or serve spaghetti and hope she ruins the dress. 

Source: Daily Mail



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