airplane in flight Airline Passenger Breaks Flight Attendant's Leg

Some people shouldn't drink and fly. A drunk Aeroflot passenger has been banned from flying with the airline after he reportedly broke a male flight attendant’s leg during a dispute over a cigarette with other flight crew members before takeoff.

The passenger,Maxim Pashnin, boarded flight SU1307 from Novosibirsk, Siberia, to Moscow without issue, though things quickly took a turn for the worse as he decided to light up a cigarette. He was immediattely instructed by a female flight attendant to stop and then he turned violent.

A scuffle broke out and Pashnin managed to break the leg of a senior male flight attendant. Authorities boarded the flight and arrested the man and now he faces up to six years behind bars for “air hooliganism” and violence against police.

A doctor later confirmed that Pashnin was indeed intoxicated when he boarded the flight.

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