School Makes Students Wear Cardboard Boxes To Prevent Cheating

Technology has certainly made it much easier to cheat in school. Schools are often trying different techniques to curb cheating in classrooms. One university in India came up with something that has them apologizing.

Pics taken during a chemistry exam at Bhagat Pre-University College in India show a classroom full of students wearing cardboard boxes on their heads. The school wanted to ensure that nobody would be looking at anyone's papers. 

A school administrator apologized to district officials for the incident for trying to use this unusual anti-cheating technique.

He said the school had only implemented the measure on an "experimental basis" after hearing of its use at a school in Mumbai. He also insisted it had been done with the students' consent - in fact, they had brought in their own boxes. 

School officials have said they have ceased the practice and are co-operating with the school board's directive.

Source: BBC

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