Man Wrestles Alligator In Swimming Pool

here are some jobs that are just not for the common man. Like being a wildlife trapper in Florida, which requires you at times to wrestle alligators found in pools.

Florida homeowners had woke up to find an alligator at the bottom of their pool and called a local wildlife trapper to come and remove it. Paul Bedardof Gator Boys Alligator Rescue said he was excited to receive the call because it had been about a year since his last removal of a large gator from a swimming pool.

Paul jumped into the water to subdue the alligator and was photographed holding the 8-foot, 8-inch reptile over his head. That picture went viral. 

He said that gators in a pool are fun because "The gator can't go anywhere and the water's almost always crystal clear." He went on to say that the alligator was "super mellow" and didn't give him any trouble.

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